Marzamemi is a charming seaside village, not far from the famous Noto, the Baroque queen of Sicily. Here you can admire its blue waters and sun-kissed white houses. Marzamemi boasts one of the most important tuna nets on the island, dating back to the 1600s, with its piers for sailing boats, the wrecks of ancient ships, narrow alleys, dreamy beaches, traditional cuisine that exalts the strong and original flavors of fishing, and the skillful processing of seafood products (such as bluefin tuna botargo), often combined with Pachino tomatoes. Marzamemi is an ideal destination for those seeking a vacation of relaxation, culture and fun.


Marzamemi, a charming seaside village in Sicily, is renowned for its colorful houses and picturesque harbor. Famous for its tuna fishing, it offers delicious cuisine. Its authentic charm and relaxed atmosphere attract visitors from all over the world

Reitani - San Lorenzo

Reitani is a beautiful beach on the southeastern coast of Sicily, near Noto and Marzamemi. Here you can enjoy the sun, sea and nature, and practice various water sports. Reitani is also an excellent base for exploring the artistic and cultural attractions of the area, such as Vendicari, Eloro, and Syracuse. Reitani is waiting for you to experience an unforgettable vacation!


Noto, a jewel of Sicilian Baroque, is famous for its elegant churches and palaces. Located in southeastern Sicily, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its architectural beauty and historic charm make it a must-see destination.


Syracuse, a historic city in Sicily, is known for its rich Greek and Roman ruins. Its famous Greek Theater hosts annual classical plays. Ortigia Island, the historic center, is a labyrinth of fascinating streets. A place rich in history and culture.


Ragusa, located in the heart of Sicily, is divided into Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superiore. Ibla, with its cobblestone streets and Baroque buildings, is a journey through time. Superiore, the modern part, offers splendid views of Ibla. A perfect blend of ancient and modern.

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